Sunday, October 28, 2012

Viva Las... Dallas?

That man of mine is a sneaky, sneaky guy.

Last weekend, we headed out for a long weekend to Las Vegas. Or so I thought. I was all ready to stick $20 in a slot machine and magically win enough money to get me out of credit card debt! I wasn't looking forward to going to Vegas, but we cashed in some miles and some hotel points and were getting basically a free trip. When we talked about where to go, I couldn't think of where I wanted to go, so we just decided on Vegas.

Snow-Capped Rockies. :D

Because of the miles we cashed in, our flight to Vegas was extended a bit since we had to fly from San Francisco to Denver, and Denver to Las Vegas. We arrived in Denver a few minutes early, grabbed lunch at their little food court thing, and made our way to our gate. I was updating Facebook the whole time, and people kept asking me where I was going. We arrived at our gate, but J kept walking.

ME: "Hey, our gate is right here."
HIM: "No, no... we're down here."
ME: "Ummm.. I'm pretty sure that sign right there says LAS VEGAS." *pointing*
HIM: *keeps on walking*

I caught up with him, and he handed me my boarding pass. I looked at it, and it said we were flying to Dallas/Fort Worth! WHAT?!

ME: "Wait, what? Does anybody know?!"

It turns out everyone knew ... except for me. LOL

Cowboys Stadium, from the air

We had a great time! We didn't do much Thursday night when we got in. We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel Friday morning before spending the morning/early afternoon hanging out at the hotel. Then we met up with my sister and hung out with her for a couple hours before going to dinner with my parents to Boston's.

Saturday was Friend-a-palooza. We slept in, hit up Le Peep for breakfast because I'd never been, killed a little time, then went to hang out with my bestie and her family.  I can't believe how big her kids have gotten. Crazypants!  Then we went to On the Border to hang out with my friends and some friends of friends.

My Girls :D

After dinner, we headed to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. It was a super fun place to go, but when we got there, it was standing room only, and I kinda felt like I was in people's way.  I think next time I'm in town, we need to plan better so we can score a table or bar stools along the little counter thing they have. It's easier loosen up so I can dance like an idiot and not care if I have a place to set my drink down. ;) After a couple hours at Pete's, my girls (sans Stacy who had to run after dinner), Joe, and I went next door to Cafe Brazil to hang out for just a little while longer. In case you wondered, their Banana Chocolate Chip cake is DELICIOUS. It was sooo nice to see everyone again!! I kind of didn't want it to end. lol.

We headed back to the hotel, slept in, grabbed lunch, and headed to The Knitting Fairy Studio, where I hung out with a couple of my knitting pals and knit for two hours. I would've stayed the extra hour they were open, but we had plans to go to mom's for dinner, so we left to do that. We had a lovely dinner with my family, and then we watched Cabin in the Woods, which was funny and gross and "WTF?!" all at the same time.  Then we headed back to the hotel, went to sleep, woke up and headed for the airport to go home!

We came home to the Giants winning the Pennant and moving on to the World Series! Go Giants! :D We were even lucky enough to stop for dinner in San Francisco, eat, and get back on BART before all the people at the game descended on us.

It was a super fun weekend, and I was delighted by the surprise! :D :D


Dina said...

I want to see this "placing your drink down and dancing" thing. For some reason I have visions of finger exercises running through my head :P

Melanie Bryan said...

Aww, how awesome!! So glad you got to go hang out at "home"!! :) :)